Monday, January 5, 2015


The original banner for this blog.

The Good Worker has moved to The Work of Wrestling.

Like an NXT wrestler who'd accomplished all he could in the WWE's minor leagues, it was time to graduate to the main stage, to swim with the big fish, and to conquer the showcase of the immortals.

THE RAW REVIEW, THE NXT REPORT, and editorials and podcasts will still exist, they'll all just be located on the prettier, more brand-friendly

I started writing THE RAW REVIEW on June 4th, 2012. The Raw Review became an escape from whatever was bothering me. It became an escape into a world that I could control, into a forum that I could create, into a world that I could develop and evolve over time.

As I grew up, THE RAW REVIEW grew up.

Originally a weekly feature on a friend's blog, I eventually felt a need to have complete creative control over this endeavor. I felt a need to take not only pro-wrestling more seriously, but my writing more seriously.

So, after writing the RAW REVIEW (and other editorials) on The Future Machine for two years, I created this blog, originally The Good Worker, six months ago in June of 2014.

In those six months I've managed to accomplish more than I had in two years of not taking my writing very seriously. When I made the decision to actually do this and to be the best in the world at what I do, I started to see positive results.

But The Good Worker was still a safety net here on Blogger, a host that has served me incredibly well.

That domain was a source of comfort for me. And it was financially preferable (free). Blogger is a spectacular platform to create something, and if you spend the time learning the nuances of the site and its interconnectedness to Google platforms, you can do awesome things. It simplifies everything you need to know about SEO and how the internet actually works.

But if I really wanted to start taking my efforts to analyze and celebrate professional wrestling seriously, I needed to create my own site with its own domain, a legitimate brand that attempts to sell you on the idea that professional wrestling is art.

And so, after years of development, is born. Just in time for the first Monday Night Raw of 2015!

I thank those people who have read my work since 2012, since that first RAW REVIEW. You and I are privy to something very special; we've grown up together.

One of the excellent qualities of the internet is that this evolution has been charted. You can actually look at the first review and you can read from one blog to the next how I, you, the WWE, and the writing has matured. The RAW REVIEW exists like a human being evolving from childhood to adulthood, or like a wrestler evolving from bad gimmick to an honest reflection of the soul.

One thing won't change, however. THE RAW REVIEW will arrive on the internet every Tuesday. The time it arrives exactly is dependent upon how long it takes to create (sometimes up to six hours), but rest assured, it will arrive on

Along with THE RAW REVIEW, there will be a NXT REPORT and a weekly podcast and the usual editorials. Time affording, and should expansion continue, you will be treated to more articles, videos, and the like. And, maybe someday, I can make you guys a cool tee-shirt. Because everyone needs more wrestling tee-shirts.

Thank you Google, thank you The Future Machine, thank you WWE, thank you Steve Austin, thank you Paul Heyman, thank you Mick Foley, thank you friends and family, and thank you, dear reader, for giving me something to work for.

Your readership helped make this the best blog in the world.


Thank you for commenting and reading and liking and sharing, Good Worker marks!

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