Sunday, June 29, 2014

Introducing first: THE GOOD WORKER!

Welcome to TheGoodWorker, the best wrestling blog in the world!

Each week you will be provided with in-depth analyses of the wonderful world of professional wrestling.

From the latest wrestling news to reviews of the latest WWE programming, you can expect the art and craft of wrestling to be approached from an analytical, sincere perspective here on TheGoodWorker.

Our beloved pastime and passion is as viable an artistic medium as film, literature, and the like, and so it deserves more voices that present it as such.

That is the mission of TheGoodWorker - to cover pro-wrestling with a blend of journalistic and literary analysis, and encourage others to recognize it for the craft that it is.

So stick around smarks, IWCers, and casuals alike, and let's celebrate this uplifting and exciting medium, and the men and women who risk life and limb for our entertainment each and every night.

Be sure to come back soon for Money in the Bank coverage, The Raw Review, The NXT Report, and The SmackDown.

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